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Under the Panther's Protection

(Black Panthers’ 3)

Fiona Harrison knew the time had come to make changes in her life. She just didn’t count on being abducted by a man who would change her life forever. Joshua Evans tore through her defenses with an ease that left her shaken and, unable to fight the chemistry between them, she soon found herself expecting his child.

Not willing to be tied to him because of the baby, she fought to put some distance between them. She didn’t understand the danger surrounding them until she was kidnapped and taken to the mountains. Freezing and injured, when Fiona saw her kidnappers become black panthers, she thought she was hallucinating. But when more black panthers came to rescue her, she knew it had to be true.

And then one shifted, and she suddenly found herself looking into Joshua’s eyes.

Her need for him left her feeling defenseless, but when danger came again, she realized how much they needed each other.

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Dark Desire: Earning Hope's Submission

(More Desire, Oklahoma 5)

Release Date: April 6, 2018

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