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Dark Obsession

(Rapture Island 4)

Just as Leslie Carpenter began to get her life together, an assault sent her back to the helpless girl she used to be. Jordan King rescued her, and being with him made her realize just what kind of woman she wanted to be. Strong. Secure. Confident enough to handle a man like him. When her boss pressured her into a sexless marriage in order to conceal his homosexuality from voters, Leslie agreed, jumping at the chance to get Jordan the government contract he wanted so badly.

Furious that she’d married another man, Jordan vowed to get Leslie back, his rage at her growing as quickly as his love. But Leslie had found something he hadn’t given her—a chance to build her confidence. Seven years without Leslie wore on Jordan, and when the senator was murdered, he rushed to bring her home.

But the murderer needed something from Leslie, and he would go to any lengths to get it.

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Rules of Desire: Protecting Erin

(More, Desire, Oklahoma 4)

Release Date: April 21, 2017

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