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Rules of Desire: Protecting Erin

(More Desire, Oklahoma 4)

Marriage to three men once seemed nothing short of insane, but now it has made Erin Preston happier than she could have ever imagined. Jared, Duncan, and Reese changed her life, and giving birth to their child made them even more complete. She never expected, though, that an incident from her past would jeopardize everything they’d built together.

Nelson Stark, an accountant in the oil company she used to work for, had embezzled a fortune, and Erin was the one to catch him. Even though he’d vowed to get even with her, she considered him harmless. But then Wes Cramer, the attorney she’d worked with to get Nelson convicted, appeared on her doorstep, enraging her overprotective husbands, so she didn’t tell them about the missing money…or that the FBI was involved.

It was a mistake she’d regret—one that would put her life in danger and kick her husbands’ protectiveness into high gear.

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