Tasty Treats Anthology 2

Tasty Treats Anthology 2

Back in Her Bed by Leah Brooke
Back for More by Wendi Darlin
Back in The Saddle by Sofia Hunt

Back in Her Bed

Even though Emily misses Jack and his dominance over her body, she's not about to let him back in her back again. Or is she?


Emily Peterson gripped the steering wheel tighter as she hit a rut, making her teeth snap together as her pickup bounced in a cloud of dust. Damn, it must be a new one. This dirt road was on her property, the place she'd lived her entire life, and she knew every nook and cranny in it. That hole hadn't been there four days ago.

Her house came into view, and she blinked when she saw the pickup parked out front. Her heart raced, and her insides clenched as lust hit her with the force of a tornado. She let up on the gas as her grip loosened on the wheel. Jack had come back!

No. No. No. She would get rid of him so fast his hard head would spin.

If that son of a bitch thought he could just show up again after all this time, hoping to get in her bed again, he had another think coming. Her grip tightened, and she sped up, in a hurry now to kick him out. But not before she gave him a piece of her mind. No, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of letting him see how much she'd missed him.

She pulled in next to his black-and-chrome monster, slamming on the brakes and throwing her old truck in park. Cutting the engine, she looked all around, but she didn't see him. Cursing again, she grabbed her bag of groceries and headed inside, knowing that she'd find the arrogant bastard sitting at her kitchen table.

Storming into the house, she strode straight to the kitchen and found him, just as she'd thought, sitting at her kitchen table drinking a glass of iced tea and scratching Lucky behind the ears. She dropped the bag of groceries on the table, and with her hands on her hips, glared at him. "Get out."

He raised a brow, setting the glass on the table before rising. "Now is that any way to welcome me home? Lucky's gotten big, hasn't he?"

Emily fought to shore up all the defenses she'd spent the last three months building. They'd already begun to crumble at the first sight of him, and she frantically patched them, hoping the patches would last until she could get him out of here. "This isn't your home." She frowned at her German shepherd. "Lucky's not supposed to let anyone in. Get out."

Lucky had the grace to lower his head before looking back up at her soulfully with those big brown eyes. She sighed and patted his head in forgiveness. She couldn't blame him. Lucky had never been able to resist Jack Manning any more than she had. She moved to the back door and swung it open to let him outside. He bounded out, then turned to give her a last soulful look. A rabbit leapt into view and caught his attention. Lucky turned and gave chase.

She heard Jack chuckle from behind her.

"Fast, isn't he?"

She mentally counted to ten before she turned.

Jack stood with his arms folded, leaning against the counter. "I told you I'd be back."

She couldn't believe he'd actually had the nerve to show up. But then again, Jack dared anything. "I told you not to bother."

Those mischievous brown eyes twinkled, the eyes she thought she'd never see again. He needed a haircut, his dark hair even longer than it had been, now long enough to brush his shoulders. It only added to his bad-boy good looks. One grin and she wanted to head for the bedroom. Damn it. She wouldn't let him do this to her again. Emily struggled for composure, looking away as she reached for the grocery bag. She tried her best to keep her tone cool. "Why are you here?"

He came up behind her, his breath hot on her neck. The bulge she'd only had the courage to glance at pressed against her lower back. His hands closed on her waist. "You're too skinny. You haven't been taking care of yourself. It's a good thing I'm back."

That deep, silky tone of his did something to her insides that she swore she would never let happen again. When his hands tightened on her waist, she closed her eyes against the sensation as even more moisture seeped from her. She couldn't even resist as he turned her, pulling her against his chest.

Mesmerized, she watched his lips come closer and closer, helpless to avoid them. The moment they touched hers, she knew she was lost.

Firm and hot, his mouth moved over hers, his tongue demanding entrance. Her lips parted involuntarily, granting him access as her arms went around his neck, pulling him even closer. She couldn't help it. It had been too long. No one made her feel the way Jack made her feel. No one ever could.

She gasped into his mouth as her beaded nipples came into contact with his hard, muscular chest. Her gasp became a moan when his hands moved to settle on her buttocks, gripping her firmly and rubbing her body against his. The friction on her nipples against his chest sent jolts of pleasure straight to her slit. Jack deepened the kiss while sliding a muscled thigh between hers and lifting her higher against him.

Oh, it felt so good to be in his arms again. His heat surrounded her, making her tremble with both need and emotion. The need she could have fought. But she loved him so damned much. That was a little harder to defend against.

She couldn't help but tighten around the thigh between hers, rubbing her slit against it. Her hands tangled in his hair, and she moaned into his mouth as he pulled her even more firmly against him. She let herself go, unable to deny him anything.

Just like she'd been unable to deny him three months ago. And he'd ripped her heart out.


Ripping her mouth from his, she pushed against his chest, her breathing ragged. "No. I'm not doing this. Never again."