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Night Relations

(Night 5)

Married to Ian and Alastair Wyndham, Serena was happier than she’d ever been.

She knew it was difficult for Ian and Alastair to deal with her dark visions, and relied on their strength to get her through them.

Determined to find the kidnapper and rapist she’d seen in a new vision, she relied on their help and that of their handler from a secret government agency.

Ian and Alastair knew that Serena’s visions, her ability to see future events, and her ability to read the minds of people around her were all very much a part of her.

They’d learned how to bring light to her when darkness threatened to overwhelm her.

But someone else, someone from her past sent her into a turmoil.

They admired her strength in facing him, but it cost her, and only their love could make her whole again.

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