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Desire Unleashed: A Bond Strengthened

Desire Unleashed: A Bond Strengthened

(More Desire, Oklahoma 9)

Possession Adored

(Rapture Island 6)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, BDSM, Romantic Suspense, MF, HEA

Grace Richards fantasized about submitting to a man, but the reality proved far different.

When she finally worked up the courage to take a chance to see if submitting was a need or just a fantasy, she left hurt and scared.

Grace’s cousin was a submissive with a loving husband, but that didn’t seem to be in the cards for Grace.

Her cousin didn’t want Grace to settle for less than she needed, and arranged to have her meet a Dominant she could trust.

Adam Corbin didn’t need blind dates, but found himself intrigued by his friend’s request to meet a woman who’d been hurt by another so-called Dominant, and to help her discover her needs.

When he met her, the chemistry between them astounded him.

Not only did he want to explore her needs, but he wanted to show her that he was the man she needed to fulfill them.


With an arm around her waist, Adam led her to the front door and out to the sidewalk, making a right turn.

Slowly strolling down the street, he kept his arm around her.

He looked like money, but the few shady-looking young men who passed them gave him a wide berth.

One appeared to be gathering the courage to approach him, but a glance from Adam seemed to change his mind.

For the first time in her life, she felt safe with a man other than Gabriel.

She wondered what it said about her that she felt safe with a stranger who exuded danger.

Because I’m a shitty judge of character.

They walked in silence for a few minutes before Adam spoke. “Taking a chance doesn’t mean going into something recklessly. It doesn’t mean letting your guard down. Trust has to be earned.”

Grace smiled humorlessly, pausing beneath the street light. “I’ve learned that. Are you going to admit that we got set up on a blind date because Kelsey told Gabriel what happened to me?”

Adam sighed. “Kelsey is very worried about you and wants to see you happy. Gabriel is terrified that you’re going to go to that club again and meet someone who’s really going to hurt you.”

“Why did you come tonight? Do you often get set up on blind dates?”

Adam smiled at that. “No. This is my first. I came tonight because Gabriel is a friend and he asked me to meet you. I have to admit that I was intrigued. I saw your picture and knew that I wanted to meet you. When he told me a little about what you’d been through, I suddenly find myself a little protective of you.”

Shaking her head, Grace started back toward the restaurant, Adam falling into step beside her. “There’s no need. I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t even know if that’s what I want.”

Adam closed his hand gently around her forearm and pulled her to a stop beside him. “Would you like to find out?”

Grace’s heart went to her throat. “What do you mean?”

“I’m asking you if you’d like to become my submissive.”

Swallowing heavily, Grace pulled free of his grip, a chill racing up and down her spine. “No. I’m not ever doing that again.”

She headed back toward the restaurant again. “We’d better go back before they miss us.”

Adam sighed. “All Dominants aren’t the same. They don’t want the same thing any more than submissives do. You’ve seen that yourself with Gabriel and Kelsey.”

Grace paused and turned to him. “What are you saying?”

Adam took her hands in his. “Can you imagine Gabriel using a cane on Kelsey?”

Grace winced. “You know about that?”

Adam inclined his head. “Gabriel is furious about it and scared for you. Kelsey has been so upset that she confided in Gabriel because she’s terrified that the same thing will happen again. Please don’t be upset with your cousin. She loves you very much and went to the person she trusts the most, her husband, for help. He, in turn, came to someone he knew he could trust with you.”

Crossing her arms over her chest, Grace looked into his eyes, wondering what it would be like to belong to such a man. “So, what exactly are you proposing?”

Adam smiled faintly. “You know that Gabriel trusts me. You’re not going to be satisfied until you learn if submitting is something you really want to do. You don’t have to worry about your safety. I promise to take good care of you. We’ll discuss what you think you need—”

“What I think I need?”

“Yes. You’ve obviously fantasized, but have you experienced what you’ve fantasized about?”

Glad that they no longer stood under a streetlight and that the darkness would conceal her blush, Grace shook her head. “No. I don’t think it’s realistic.”

“What if it is? Isn’t it worth having a conversation?”

This can’t be real.

“What would you expect of me? What should I expect from you? Why would you do this? What if I don’t like it?”

Adam smiled. “Like I said, we need to have a discussion about it. It’s not something that can be decided on the sidewalk. Tomorrow’s Saturday. You don’t work tomorrow, right?”


“I’ll be there to pick you up at six. I’ll bring you back to my house where we can have a drink and talk before dinner. Have all of your questions ready and we’ll discuss whatever you’d like.”

Grace felt her face burn even hotter. “I don’t know if I can tell you in person. Can’t we talk on the phone?”

“No.” Adam lifted her chin. “This conversation is too personal and too important to have over the phone. If you want it badly enough, you have to have the courage to reach out and grab it. I can help you understand what you need, but you have to want it badly enough to take a chance, this time with someone you can trust.”

Grace drew a steady breath and let it out slowly. “Okay. I’ll meet you tomorrow, but I haven’t agreed to anything.”

“Understood.” Slipping an arm around her waist, he led her back toward the restaurant. “Our dinner should be ready soon, and afterward, I want to dance with you. Just relax and enjoy the evening.”

Grace stopped abruptly and turned to him. “Do you like hurting your submissives?”

Adam cupped her cheeks, his eyes glittering, the tenderness visible even in the low light. “Why would I want to hurt my most precious possession?”

Releasing her face, he took her hand in his again and continued on toward the restaurant. “Will you wear a dress for me tomorrow night? You have the most incredible legs.”

The Night Collection, Volume 1

Collection contains:

Strength of Desire

(Desire, Oklahoma 16)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois, Romantic Suspense, MFM, HEA

Ava Vance moved to Desire, Oklahoma to start working at the new diner. She loved the sense of community and hoped to become a part of it. She’d forgotten what it felt like to belong. Love wasn’t in her future, but she’d made her peace with it.

But she couldn’t deny her attraction to John Dalton and Michael Keegan, the owners of the bar in town. Their need to share was one thing, but expecting her to submit was another.

She couldn’t lose control. Before she could begin an affair with them, the nightmares began, plaguing her sleep and soon she thought she was losing her mind.

Worried about the change in Ava, John and Michael took charge, furious when they learned that someone was stalking her. And when they learned why, and just how much danger it meant for her, they stayed close.

Close enough to know they wanted her forever.


Michael folded one of the paper bags and set it on the counter before reaching for the other. “Would you like to come to the bar tonight and have a drink? Maybe some ribs?”

“No. Thank you. Tonight I plan to take a long shower and curl up with a book. I’m dead on my feet.”

John inclined his head. “Fair enough. How about tomorrow night? There’s a nice Italian restaurant in Tulsa that everyone loves.”

Tempted, Ava finished the last of the lettuce and turned to lean back against the sink. “Don’t you have to work?”
John shrugged. “Just to close. We hired more people so we can take time off when we want to.”

“Like when you go to the men’s club and bid on women?”

Michael met John’s glare with a grin. “That’s in the past.”

John shook his head, his frown deepening. “What the hell do you know about the men’s club?”

Ava went to the refrigerator and retrieved a filtered pitcher of water. “You do know that the women in this town talk, don’t you?”

John gave a disgruntled sigh. “Gossip, you mean. Look, we have no intention of attacking you. Just dinner.”

Michael leaned close, sliding a hand down her back. “I might even try to sneak a kiss. Nothing more.”

After reaching up for glasses, Ava lowered her arms again, the awareness in her beaded nipples sharp. “I don’t know if dating you is a good idea.”

John moved to stand behind her. Closing his hands over her upper arms, he bent to kiss the top of her head. “I hate that we scare you.”

“So do I.” Bowing her head, she poured herself a half-glass of water and gulped it down. She turned and made her way to the other side of the kitchen, both hands closed around the glass. “Being personal goes against the grain, and I’m trusting you to keep this to yourself.”

John took a step closer, stopping abruptly with another frown when she took a step back. “Of course. What happens between us stays between us.”

Lifting her chin, she took a steadying breath. “I’m a virgin. I think it’s only fair for you to know that. I can’t play the kind of games you play. I can’t take sex lightly or do it for fun. I’m just not made that way.”

John slowly closed the distance between them, watching her closely as one might do when approaching an injured animal, and took her hand gently in his. “Thank you for telling us. Your secret is safe with us.”

Lifting his head, he smiled, a tender smile that made her stomach flip. “And now I want you more than before, but I promise you, we won’t take anything that you don’t want to give.”

Looking up into his dark eyes, Ava smiled at the tenderness she found there. “I believe that you mean that.”

John ran the back of a finger down her cheek. “Trust needs to be earned and built up over time. I can’t do that making promises I can’t keep or lying to you.”

Ava bit back a moan at the desire in his eyes and the warm tenderness in his light touch. “Then I’ll be honest with you. I feel things when I’m with you and Michael.”

Michael grinned and moved closer. “Things? What kind of things?”

Ava pushed past them to move back to the counter and refilled her glass from the pitcher. “Telling you that would give you ammunition to use against me. Why would I do that?”

Michael’s smile fell. “Ammunition? This isn’t a war, darlin’.”

Ava shrugged, fearing she’d given away too much. “I’m afraid that you could make me want to do things that I’d regret later.”

Chuckling, John closed the distance between them, a finger beneath her chin lifting it again, allowing him to look into her eyes. “I promise that I’ll bring you home with your virginity intact. No matter how much you beg, neither one of us are gonna take you.”

Giggling at his outlandish promise, Ava set her glass aside. “And none of my clothes come off.”

“No.” John smiled and braced a hand on the countertop on either side of her. “And neither one of us is gonna let you take our clothes off, either. I will, however, let you kiss me.”

Ava glanced at Michael, who watched them steadily, his eyes dark and slightly narrowed. “And you?”

Michael’s lips twitched, but his gaze remained steady. “I’ll agree to whatever it takes to get to know you better. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to touch you.”

He glanced at her breasts, increasing the awareness there and beading her nipples even tighter. “ I might ask to, but you can always say no. Is that negotiable?”

Moving closer, he took her hand in his and lifted it, pressing it against his chest. “And you can touch me all you want to.”

Ava sucked in a breath, the feel of his hard, warm chest beneath her palm and the prospect of him touching her so intimately creating an excitement that made her tremble. “I think I’d like having dinner with you.”

From South Dakota to Wolfe Men of Wyoming

(Dakota Heat 8)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Menage, Western/Cowboys, MFMMMM, HEA

Recently divorced, Samantha Sanford left South Dakota to start a new life in Wyoming in a house that she’d inherited from her grandmother.

John, Dirk, Zach, Reno, and Beck Wolfe had been friends with her grandparents and felt obligated to look after Samantha, but hadn’t counted on the instant attraction.

Or that loving her would heal the rift between them.

Samantha relished the peace but struggled to come to terms with falling in love with five men. She had too much anger and bitterness inside her to ever trust again. But her lovers made her want the love they offered if she could only trust enough to reach out for it.

A freak accident changed everything and made her realize that she’d have to release the hurt of the past in order to embrace a future filled with the kind of love she’d never expected to find.


It was a heady feeling to be starting over.



Blowing out a breath, she opened the door, anxious to unload the SUV and get started.

Closing the door behind her, she stretched, knowing from experience that the muscles in her back had tightened and she’d have to be careful for the next few days.

Cursing her designer boots, she started toward the back door, the sound of a dog barking startling her into whipping around, her high-heeled boots no match for the icy driveway.

With a yelp, she flailed her arms in an effort to maintain her balance, but her feet slid out from under her and she landed flat on her back.

Her fall knocked the wind out of her, and as she struggled to draw a breath, she lifted her hands from the ice and snow beneath her.

Suddenly, a huge golden retriever appeared, leaning over her, the sight of sharp teeth making her stiffen even more, another gasp escaping at the even sharper tug to her lower back.


A harsh, deep shout came from somewhere on her right, along with the sound of a horse galloping closer.

Seconds later, a late-model pickup truck pulled into her driveway, skidding to a stop behind her SUV.

The golden retriever whimpered and sat next to her, bending its head to lick at her face, and she finally managed to draw a deep breath.

Relieved, she laughed softly and reached up to stroke its soft fur. “Thank you for not biting me.”

The two men rushed forward, the one who’d leapt from the horse wearing jeans, black cowboy hat, black shearling coat, and black boots, the man from the black pickup truck dressed in brown.

Both rushed to her, crouching near her feet, the one in brown reaching for her hand. “Ma’am?” From beneath the brim of his cowboy hat, his green eyes glimmered. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” She smiled, dropping her hand from the soft fur when the man in black pet the dog and urged it aside. “Maggie? Your dog’s a girl?”

“Yeah. Some are, you know.” He glanced at the other man before turning his attention back to her, his green eyes slightly darker and filled with anger and concern. “Where does it hurt? What the hell do you think you’re doing wearing boots like that? You’re lucky if you didn’t break your damned fool neck. Come on. Let me help you up.”

Panicked at the thought, she stiffened even more. “No! Don’t touch me!” Holding out a hand to ward him off, she closed her eyes against the sharp pain, breathing deeply and willing her back spasm to relax. “I’ll be fine. I just turned fast when I heard Maggie. I just need to stay still for a minute.”

“You’re blaming Maggie? You should blame those frivolous boots.”

Opening her eyes, she glared at him. “Why don’t you take your dog, your horse, and your attitude and get the hell off my front yard.”

Your yard?”

The man in brown appeared a few years older, the gray at his temples giving him a distinguished look. Leaning over her, he frowned. “Your back?”

“Yes. I’ll be fine in a minute. I’m trying to relax it, but your friend isn’t helping. Can you tell him to go away?”

The man in brown smiled and pushed his hat back. “He’s not my friend. He’s my brother. I’m John Wolfe. This is my brother, Reno.” He smiled, but the concern in his eyes lingered. “And you’ve already met Maggie.”

“Wolfe?” Samantha closed her eyes again, shivering when an icy gust of wind blew, and she automatically tensed, making the muscle spasms even more painful. “Grandma’s next-door neighbors.”

John slid a hand beneath her head, gently lifting it. “And if you’re Samantha, we’re now yours. Did you hit your head when you fell?”

Mesmerized by his gaze and the way his eyes crinkled at the corners, Samantha involuntarily moved her head against his hand, feeling silly for being so moved at a man’s touch.

Blinking back tears that she hoped he would attribute to pain and the icy wind, Samantha forced a smile. “No. Just got the wind knocked out of me.”

A large black SUV, coming from the same direction as the truck and the horse, pulled into her driveway, and within seconds, after the slamming of doors, three more men approached, all with the same coloring as John and Reno.

All wore jeans, boots, cowboy hats, and shearling coats and soon surrounded her.

One crouched at the other side of her head, glancing at John with a frown. “Is she all right?”

John smiled and removed his hand from the back of her head. “Looks like she hurt her back. This is Edna’s granddaughter, Samantha. Sam, this is my brother Dirk.”

Dirk smiled, his hazel eyes sharp and assessing. “Hi, Sam. Let me help you up.”

“No!” Samantha held out a hand again. “Please don’t touch me.”

John pursed his lips. “You know that we can’t leave you out here on the ground, don’t you?”

“I just need a minute. You can all just go. I’ll get up by myself. I appreciate the offer, but I don’t need an audience.”

John shook his head. “We’re not leaving until we get you inside and settled.”

Reno thinned his lips and hooked a thumb toward the two other men at her feet. “This is Beck and Zach.”

Samantha eyed Beck and Zach, who both had the same dark hair as their brothers, and attempted a smile. “Yeah. My grandmother told me there were five of you. I guess since I’ve met all of you and you’ve seen me make a fool of myself, you can go.”

Dirk shook his head. “Nope.”

The Desire, Oklahoma Collection, Volume 2

(Desire Oklahoma 4 and 6)

A compilation of books four and six in the Desire, Oklahoma collection:


In Rules of Desire, Erin Robinson moved to Desire, Oklahoma to be with her pregnant sister, unprepared for the dynamics of her new home. Menage and Dom/sub relationships prevail in a town where the men protect their women at all costs.

Men had always been more trouble than they were worth. Erin can’t imagine trying to put up with any man. Three would be impossible! But the men in Desire are different than any she has ever known. How can she resist men who earn her respect and aren’t the least bit intimidated by her temper? When someone tries to kill her, Jared, Duncan and Reese Preston scramble to protect her. At the same time, they’re determined to show her just how good having three men in her bed can be.

In Raw Desire, Alison Bennett came to Desire, Oklahoma to hide—and to heal.

When her truck breaks down on the way into town, she certainly doesn’t expect men like Dillon Tanner and Ryder Hayes to come to her rescue.

Extraordinary men in an extraordinary town.

Their interest in her both excites and alarms her, but she knows they’re both way out of her league.

When an attack on the club brings a halt to the seminar she’s signed up for, Dillon and Ryder’s proposition to continue her lessons intrigues her. Dillon’s gentleness tempts her to put herself in his hands while Ryder’s wildness and apparent dislike for her makes her uneasy.

Under their guidance, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, one that teaches her decadent pleasures and raw desire.

And love.

Knowing a ménage relationship could never work, she still finds herself tempted to stay.

But fate, and her ex-boyfriend, have other plans.

Panthers’ Mate

(Black Panthers 4)

Erotic Romance, Menage, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Romantic Suspense, MFM, HEA

Callie Zimmer lived a safe, secure life as a bank teller, but her security was shattered when the bank she worked in was robbed and she was taken hostage.

A freak accident left her stranded and alone in the mountains with darkness closing in.

When the police failed to find her, Brock Hale and Thomas Landon had been hired as trackers to find Callie, knowing as soon as they rescued her that she was their mate, a woman destined to belong to them.

Rescued by two handsome, exciting men, Callie decided that she wanted to stop living a boring life and go for the adventure of a lifetime.

But when she found out the truth about them, she knew that she might have bitten off more than she could chew.
But her pregnancy brought everything into clear focus.

Suddenly living a life that gave her the security she’d always needed, along with her newfound need for excitement, she found a love destined to last forever.


Handsome in a darkly erotic way, they looked at her often, giving her the sense that she had their almost undivided attention.

Looking up at Thomas, Callie couldn’t help but smile when both men immediately looked down at her. “Thank you for rescuing me. I guess you’ll be leaving now.”

Thomas drew in a breath. “Not yet. We’re going to go back into the mountains and find them.”

Callie felt a relief more intense than she’d anticipated. “I’m glad. I’m the only one who can identify them. I’m scared, though, that you’ll get hurt going after them.”

They glanced at each other as if her concern surprised them before Brock smiled down at her. “We’ll be fine.”

He approached the desk, bending to speak to the nurse. “We have a woman who needs to be seen immediately.”

They were shown to a room, the nurse telling Brock and Thomas that they had to leave.

Thomas carried Callie in and gently laid her on the examination table, totally ignoring the nurse as he settled the blanket Brock had retrieved from the back of the SUV more securely around her shoulders. “Are you warm enough?”
Callie smiled. “I am. Thanks to you and Brock. Thank you again for rescuing me and for taking care of me.”
Thomas smiled and touched her leg. “You’re very welcome. Would you like us to stay?”

More than a little embarrassed at how much she’d depended on them, she offered a smile. “No. Thank you. You’ve done enough.”

The disappointment in Thomas’s eyes made her uneasy, and although she tried to smile, she found her throat clogged with tears.

And she didn’t know why.

Blaming it on the trauma of the day, she forced a smile. “Will you come see me when you’re done?”

She not only wanted to make sure they were all right but she had an uncontrollable need to see them again.

Brock inclined his head. “Yes.” He reached into a pocket and pulled out a card. “If you need anything, call me.”

Callie smiled and accepted the card. “I appreciate that, but I don’t have a phone.”

When a police officer appeared in the doorway, Callie stiffened, wincing as her sore body protested the movement.

The policeman inclined his head in Brock and Thomas’s direction, his smile tense as he turned his attention to her. “Miss Zimmer. I’m Captain Sparks. I’m relieved to see that you’re safe. A lot of people have been anxiously waiting to hear that you’d been found. Of course, I’ll need a statement from you.”

She glanced at Brock and Thomas, finding it odd that she felt more comfortable with them than with the nurse or the policeman. “Of course.”

The nurse moved the blanket aside and strapped on the blood pressure cuff. “Later. I’ve got to get her to x-ray.”

Unable to understand why the thought of leaving Thomas and Brock left her shaken, Callie forced a smile, wanting nothing more than to get the entire ordeal over with and get home. “I’ll be happy to answer whatever I can. How is John Cramer?”
“The bank manager? He’s stable now. He was very worried when he heard you’d been taken hostage. Your picture has been all over the news.”

Thomas whirled. “What? How did you allow that?”

Captain Sparks grimaced. “I didn’t. The media interviewed some of the bank employees. The reporters got your name from them. From there, they got your picture and are even now standing out front of your apartment.”

Thomas cursed. “I was afraid of that. She can’t go back there.”

The captain raised a brow. “Is that why you didn’t text me that you were on your way here until you pulled into the parking lot?”

“Yes. We’ve seen more than a few law enforcement officers say more than is safe in order to look good while putting the person we’re protecting in danger.”

Brock moved closer to her and eyed the captain. “I appreciate that you have questions for your report, but let her get treated first.”

The anger tightening Brock’s and Thomas’s features and the narrowing of their eyes made it clear that there would be a heated discussion once she left the room.

“Of course.”

Thomas reached out to touch her uninjured foot. “We’ll be waiting here for you when you get back.”

Captain Sparks grimaced. “I’d hoped to find you both here. We’ve got a situation.”

Thomas raised a brow. “Oh? What kind of situation?”

Alarmed by the captain’s tone, Callie looked around the nurse to see the three men. “They did something, didn’t they?”

Captain Sparks inclined his head. “They did. Evidently they wanted a way out of there and needed a vehicle. There were two men leaving that had spent the day hiking, and the suspects held guns on them, took their car, and shot them anyway.”

Callie sat up higher. “Oh my God! Are they all right?”

“They’re in surgery now.” Captain Sparks turned to fully face Brock and Thomas. “They tried to escape the mountains, and luckily we had a roadblock set up on the road they tried to use for escape. They tried to turn around when they saw the roadblock, ran into a tree, and bailed out. They disappeared into the trees, and my men haven’t been able to find them. We want them found before they hurt anyone else.”

Both Brock and Thomas turned to her, clearly unwilling to leave her.

She looked from Brock to Thomas. “Do you think you can find them?”

“Of course.” Brock offered her a faint smile. “We found you, didn’t we?”